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Per Diem Nursing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Working As a Per Diem Nurse - PNG Solutions

Per Diem Nursing 101: A Beginner's Guide to Working As a Per Diem Nurse

Nursing is one of the safest career paths when it comes to job security but it’s also a very demanding profession. To meet up with its conditions and rules, you need to have qualities such as patience, flexibility, dedication, and compassion. 

Moreover, nursing has made it possible for people to follow their dreams without suffering from too much burnout with opportunities like travel nursing and per diem nursing. In addition to other benefits, the latter gives opportunities for those who want to keep their nursing license active while spending quality time with their families to do so. 

With the job satisfaction and employment opportunities around it, many are turning towards the health sector today to lead more comfortable lives. 

As days go by, people are constantly in search of a job that will allow them to have time with their loved ones while making a good living out of it. This is possible with per diem nursing, where you can work on a flexible schedule while making a lot of money to take care of your financial needs.

What is Per Diem Nursing?

Per diem in Latin means “per day” or “for each day.” Thus, it won’t be wrong to conclude that, per diem nursing is a nursing job where nurses are hired to work on a day-to-day basis or as need be. Hospitals and other health facilities rely on per diem nurses to fill the staffing gap when permanent workers are on holiday or when the hospital is hit by local flu that has inflated the patient census. 

Why Should You Choose to Work Per Diem?

Per diem nursing is an effective staffing solution in the healthcare sector. It is also a comfortable way for nurses to work on a flexible schedule, generate income, and gain rich clinical experience from various healthcare institutions.

Working per diem allows you to try new positions in fields that interest you and to know your potential in the healthcare industry.

Today, with the increased needs of healthcare professionals across the globe, per diem nurses are in high demand. Whenever a hospital or medical facility has an acute shortage of staff, they turn to per diem nurses to fill the gap.

Who is a Per Diem Nurse?

Just as the name denotes, a per diem nurse works on a day-to-day basis. A per diem nurse isn’t a permanent worker at a hospital or medical facility. They enjoy the flexibility that comes with the name as they work in different hospital units and even different medical facilities and hospitals depending on how comfortable they feel. 

However, they can also work in a single hospital, switching units based on the staffing needs of the hospital. Per diem nurses work with nursing agencies that connect their nurses to various facilities. These per diem nurses can work in two different medical facilities at once. One during the day and the other during night shifts

Why Medical Facilities Need Per Diem Nurses

With the health industry being one of the most demanding industries, hospitals need different professionals to provide a wide array of healthcare services. 

Busier hospitals and medical facilities constantly need the services of per diem nurses to respond to their staffing needs. This could change from week to week. It is possible to have a week where a community or hospital is hit by a flu epidemic that can have an inflated patient census compared to their regular numbers. Here, per diem nurses come in to fill the need for more staff. Thus, hospitals or health facilities hire staff for a temporary purpose. 

Some Major Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

1. Make extra money

Many nurses go in for per diem nursing for additional cash. Some full-time per diem nurses work exclusively with nursing agencies. There are full-time per diem nurses that work exclusively with nursing agencies to find new positions. Nonetheless, nurses with full-time jobs also take up per diem nursing jobs. 

With the financial benefits that come with working per diem, you won’t have any problems handling your monthly bills, paying off your student loans, and saving for a downpayment. Working per diem saves you from financial stress.

2. It’s flexible

If you hope to enjoy flexibility in your nursing job, choosing to work per diem guarantees that. With per diem jobs, you have the freedom to choose a work timetable that’s convenient for you. It allows you to work at your own pace.

Thus, working as a per diem nurse means working on your own schedule while making more money.

3. Expand your skill set

Working per diem gives you room to expand your professional skill set faster than you would if you were working a permanent position in a hospital. Even when you work in a particular hospital, you’ll often be assigned to different and unfamiliar units. This allows you to have a broad view of the hospital system by working in different units or hospitals and seeing how things are done elsewhere. Though you might step out of your comfort zone, the benefits are worthwhile.

4. Build your network & grow your career

Working per diem means working in several different clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. This also means building a rich network through encounters with new and even more experienced people in your field. 

You can’t ignore how beneficial working per diem is to your career growth. Working in different hospitals and units helps you expand your career journey. Moreover, many hospitals before getting you to start immediately, provide some training. Exposure to all these means you’ll gain more experience and additional skills.

Is Per Diem Nursing Worth It?

Per diem nursing provides gratifying benefits. You can also take on per diem nursing seasonally as many full-time nurses love to go on vacation during the holidays such as Christmas or summer breaks to spend quality time with their loved ones. Per diem nurses are highly in demand during this period as the absence of these permanent nurses affects the staffing of a unit or hospital.

Once you make the switch to per diem nursing, it will be well worth it.

Start Your Per Diem Nursing Journey Today with PNG Solutions

If you love nursing but want more flexibility and a better work-life balance, it’s time to consider per diem. Connect with one of our recruiters today to learn more about per diem nursing, find out if it’s a good fit for you, and how you can make the switch!

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